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We do not consider ourselves as a pure supplier, but as a partner with the ambition to work out the best possible solution for our customers!

Our production technology team is available to you at any time.
Whether consulting in the design phase or in the production engineering design of already designed components or assemblies.

Get the idea? Together with you we will find the best possible way to the final product!
Together with you (our customers) we look for the optimal solution to produce your product cost-effectively and in the required quality at a reasonable price.

Our team consists of technicians with many years of practical experience, so you can fall back on a huge wealth of experience. Whether welding (also electron beam), any kind of machining technique or assembly we offer you the solution or the way to get there.

With our qualified employees and an efficient infrastructure, we take over the project management for the production of complex assemblies and machines in mechanical and plant engineering.



Software equipment:

  • CAD – Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks,  ProE
  • CAD/ CAM – Hypermill